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History of Huber Construction Equipment

With a history that dates back to 1875 it can be difficult to summarize the story of Huber in anything less than volumes of books. Here is a brief version of that story.

1875 marks the incorporation of the Huber Manufacturing Company in Marion, Ohio. Edward Huber's first products were a steam engine and a grain thresher. Manufacturing of road construction equipment began in 1908 with the introduction of a steam road roller. Then self-propelled maintainer debuted in 1920, this machine is the early predecessor to today's M850-D Maintainer.

Prior to World War II, the Huber Co. was building farm equipment and road construction equipment. Following WWII, the decision was made to concentrate on road construction equipment. The products included motor grades, rollers, cranes and maintainers. In the late 1960's Huber was purchased by A-T-O Corporation, later moving the operation from Marion to Goose Creek, South Carolina. Huber was later sold to Figgie International, whom in turn fell on hard times. Moving forward to 1994, a former engineer and service manager of Huber, Don Braden purchased the Huber line and returned Huber to its Ohio roots to become a division of his new company; Enterprise Fabrications.

The first maintainer to be produced in the state of Ohio in over 15 years, rolled out of Huber's Galion plant in 1995. As the need for more room arose, Huber moved to its new location in Iberia, Ohio, just 20 miles from Marion, Ohio.

Today, 60 miles to the west of Fargo ND, Huber’s legend continues…

Our New Home - Valley City, North Dakota

Settled along the Sheyenne River in 1874, this scenic community is now the new home for the Model M-850-E Huber MAINTAINER. The city is known for its many historic bridges including the renowned Hi-Line Railroad Bridge which currently remains one of the longest and highest single-track railroad viaducts in the United States.

Valley City, located approximately sixty-(60) miles west of Fargo, ND on Interstate I-94, has a population of over 6,500 people.  This community offers a workforce that provides the skills, education, and strong work ethic that ensures the highest levels of craftmanship Huber MAINTAINER customers have historically experienced.

Here at Huber MAINTAINER we are extremely excited to be a part of this thriving business community and highly motivated workforce now and for years to come.